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The Earth Comix Story

In March of 2015 Peaco Todd, a cartoonist, and John Bradley, an environmental engineer, traveled to South Africa and Zimbabwe on what they thought would be a fun, interesting, even luxurious holiday. Little did they know it would be life-changing.

While on safari in the Kruger National Park and the Pumalanga region of South Africa, they became aware of and then deeply disturbed by the plight of many of the animals that call these regions home: some of these iconic animals, including rhinos and elephants, are being poached and trophy-hunted to extinction. Like so many people they wanted to do something but weren’t sure just what that something should be—until a serendipitous meeting with Gareth James Legg, their ranger for the three days of their second safari stay, germinated an idea: to use cartoons to raise awareness about the dangers these animals face, to showcase organizations and people who are working to provide sanctuary and rehabilitation, and to encourage activism in the fight to save them. Earth Comix was born.

Earth Comix, a 501(c)3 organization, comprises two comics series. “Safari Tales” is an ongoing comic, with new episodes each week, about two orphans, a rhino named Kifaru and an elephant named Tembo, who are on a journey to discover who they are. Hot on their trail are the villainous siblings, Vyle and Nasturia (“Nasty”), whose appetites for rhino horn and elephant ivory are insatiable. “The Adventures of Ranger Gareth” chronicles the real-life adventures of real-life Ranger Gareth as he reveals the mysteries, majesty and delights of life in the bush. This comic is partly illustrated with Gareth’s beautiful photographs — in fact, all the photos used in the comics and on the site are Gareth’s. Earth Comix also includes Spotlight, a blog in which each month an organization such as a rhino orphanage, an elephant sanctuary or cheetah outreach program is featured.

You can read more about us and our mission in the About Us and Donate pages. We hope you will enjoy the cartoons, come back and visit the site often, and raise your voice in support of these magnificent animals. We cannot lose them.