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EC-Peaco-for-About-UsPeaco Todd (“Fashion Maven [but no fur, please]”) is a syndicated cartoonist, author and professor of liberal studies. She has published numerous articles and co-authored/illustrated books on subjects ranging from anger management to football. For more than thirty years she has taught on undergraduate and graduate levels, at both Lesley University and the Union Institute and University. One of her passions is travel and she has touched the bottom of the world on two continents: South America and Africa. She considers herself blessed with a life that has been filled with adventure, including a 6-month sojourn on the spectacular Dick Newick-designed yacht “Rogue Wave” on its journey from Spain to Dubai. Fervently concerned about animal protection, from homeless and abused pets to threatened animals in the wild, she is thrilled at the chance to use her work and collaborations in the service of that greater good. In her spare time she sometimes, when she can’t avoid it, runs half-marathons, and each year is a “minor domo” in the annual Ig Nobel(R) Award Ceremony. She is married to Dear Leader (see below); they live in Somerville, MA and Chocorua, NH with their two cats. For more about her work and interests, visit


EC-Gareth-for-About-UsGareth James Legg (“Ranger Gareth”) is the ultimate game ranger and safari guide. With his bulging biceps and animated smile, Gareth’s enthusiasm radiates in everything he does, which is why he’s become so popular with clients during the past 13 years.

Gareth is simply a people’s person, with an undeniable love for animals of all kinds.

“My passion for wildlife began at the age of three – I can still recall my first of many family pilgrimages to the bush and I owe huge gratitude to my parents, who are thorough wildlife enthusiasts,” says Gareth.

While he’s dabbled in various corporate ventures, Gareth has always been happiest when in nature. “The bush has the ability to take one deep into a spiritual world where nothing else matters, other than being surrounded by beauty, being one with nature and totally at peace,” he says.

Gareth qualified as a game ranger in 2002 and has plied his trade at various private reserves since then, approaching each guided venture into the wilderness with equal enthusiasm. His sharp eye and extra senses enable him to spot or track animals in the trickiest conditions, while his endless knowledge and storytelling ability ensure his guests are educated and entertained.

Even when on leave, Gareth is likely to be found in the bush with his camera, with Kruger National Park being one of his favourite places. Photos he has captured speak for themselves. Gareth is committed to playing his part in saving endangered species, as well as tackling problems relating to biodiversity. Conservation needs more people like Ranger Gareth, the ultimate game ranger and safari guide.


EC-Brad-for-About-UsJohn F. Bradley (“Dear Leader”) is a Professional Engineer and engineering consultant with over fifty years of chemical engineering experience. Since concentrating in the environmental field for the last thirty-five years and turning to private consulting practice twenty years ago, he has assisted manufacturing firms to reduce their environmental impact and improve their operations while using a decreasing amount of chemicals that are harmful to the environment or workers.

John is also an attorney, again concentrating in the environmental field.

On the engineering front, John is currently examining production and marketing of biochar (look it up, and send him your orders), a promising solution to the problem of increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide, with side benefits including improved soil fertility and moisture retention. Coming soon: