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May 19, 2015



The Earth Comix Story

When my husband John and I were in Africa this March, we didn’t expect to be so moved, so outraged and shaken, by the plight of the animals who are facing extinction due to poaching, hunting and loss of habitat. The situation has become dire: illegal traffic in endangered species is the second most lucrative criminal enterprise in the world today, only slightly less profitable than human trafficking. Due to a serendipitous meeting with South African Ranger Gareth James Legg, the idea emerged of using cartoons to help raise awareness of these issue and shine a spotlight on organizations that are working in sanctuaries, reserves and outreach organizations to help these iconic animals. The result is Earth Comix. We’re thrilled to announce that Earth Comix Inc. has been awarded non-profit, tax-exempt [501(c)3] status.

Earth Comix will feature full-page comics that will focus on telling the stories of several characters. In “Safari Tales,” Kifaru and Tembo, orphaned rhino and elephant, will leave the safety of their sanctuary to embark on a dangerous journey to discover what happened to their mothers and to find out just who they are. Hot on their trail are Mendacious Vyle and his sister Nasturtia (“Nasty”) who are looking for ever more sources for the elephant tusks and rhino horn powder they crave and which they ignorantly believe will make them virile and beautiful. A different comic, “The Adventures of Ranger Gareth,” follows his real-life adventures as he describes the complex life of the bush and the animals who call this harsh but beautiful environment home, and introduces his guests to the wonderful experience of safari.  In addition to cartoons, this comic is illustrated with Gareth’s gorgeous photos.

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